Monday, April 14, 2014

Our 45 Minutes Without Power

We had an earth shattering experience this afternoon...

Our power went out.

Our power went out for 45 MINUTES!!!!

Ok, so I realize it is not earth shattering.  But in those forty-five minutes I did the following:

Opened the pantry door and turned on the light switch to find a snack.  Only to stand there and remind myself the light bulb burned out last week.  It didn't even dawn on me until after that thought that the power was out.

Then I thought about getting something to drink.  When I opened the fridge it startled me that the inside light was off - duh, no power!

Well, I decided a cup of coffee sounded good...AGAIN, NO POWER - The Keurig doesn't work without power.  They really need to make a battery back up for that thing.

Tried to check Facebook, email, and use my house phone.....  I was experiencing a serious learning curve with this issue!

I finally decided to grab this sweet opportunity and spend some quiet time with the kiddos.  We enjoyed a nice long session of play dough.  It was great!  It was quiet!  It was uninterrupted time with my children.

This lasted until I decided the house was getting hot and I needed the windows opened.  The moment my brain knows the power is out and the AC isn't on I immediately get hot.  Does anyone else do that?

What a nice, unexpected time this afternoon.  I think I will go make a cup of coffee, use creamer from the fridge, make a snack, and replace the light bulb in my pantry. :)

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