Supposedly South Texas

Update from the farm, homestead, ranchette

New Tractor Equals Big Work Day

Fence Lines and Walking with Dixie

The Chickens, My Shoes, A Tree, and of Course the Sunset

Moving On

5th Annual Summer Sleepover at Ma's

If Jesus Was Standing in Front of Me

Our Treasured Nativity Set

Big Brother to the Rescue

Almost Eleven

4th Annual Summer Sleepover at Ma's

Glass Blowing Fun in Tennessee

Homemade Tortillas

Presentations and Pictures

Fun with Organs

Learning About the Heart at Our Family Meat Market

See, Sound, Blend, Write

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Secret Leprechaun

A New Stage of Parenting

Fun Astronomy Activity

CHD Awareness Week / Jacob's Cardiology Check Up

A Glimpse Into What He Sees

Christmas Card Outtakes

Christmas Cone-ifers

National Homemade Bread Day!!!

1st Grade Suffix Practice - Halloween Style

Family Field Trip: NASA

In Two Days, I will Have a Ten Year Old

Help One Now - GS4O

Servant's Heart Project - Family Style!!!

Tangled No More

Home School: Science - Ramps (1st Grade)

3rd Annual Summer Sleepover at Ma's

Mommy... He's Breathing and It's Bothering Me

Screen Time - Summer System

Nothing Like A Good Cuddle

Kindergarten Graduation

A Servant's Heart Project

My Little Ballerina

Not Such A Mundane Monday


Pockets of Joy

One Happy Mamma

A Much Bigger Crossover

Another Treasure for My Pocket

Thank Goodness for Blue Eyes and Dimples

Early Morning Saturday

A Big Math Lesson for My Big Girl

He Keeps Me Grounded and Thinks I am Hot!

Ugh...Do We Have To Practice Spelling Words

Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week

Going to Washington with 45 Pairs of Underwear

Little Hearts Big Prayers

Family Song - Shake by Mercy Me

Double Digit Multiplication - Success

Science Has Taken Over My Kitchen

One Day I Will Miss This...

Prayer Verse for 2014

Keeping the Old, Adding the New

Breakfast Blessings

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Johnson Strong, Passed from One Generation to the Next

Back to School Party at Ma's

Our First Day, God's Plan, and Clear Across Town

Back to School Prep

Good Morning, High Five!

Happy 4th of July

A Little Glimpse of Progress Goes A Long Way

Will Work for Dessert: Managing tables manners with children

Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary

2nd Annual Sleepover at Ma's

Hurry Up and Wait

Three Siblings, Three Best Friends

Father's Day Free Printable


Father's Day Pictures

Summer Activities: Water

Thankfully Not Average, But a Leader with a New Outlook

S'mores - A love affair between a 5 year old and his favorite snack.

A Wonderful Weekend Away
Our Tradition for Baby Pictures

Pumpkin Patch

Stars and Stripes - Cub Scout Cake Auction

A Few Things I Have Learned this Christmas Season

Advent Wreath - A New Tradition for Our Family

Where Are the Years Going?

Field Trip to the Build Site

His Words

Earth Day Fun

Small Moments From Our Day
Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Week
Happy Little Hands

Architect / Engineer in Training

April Fools!!!

Martial Arts - A Hard Lesson for Mom

Camping Trip

Thankful for a Quick Craft

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