Girl Talk

Jeans the Correct Length Can Make a Girl So Happy

I Mastered Meatloaf!

Dear Jeans - I am breaking up with you.

My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Laundry Suggestions....Please, I am Begging You!

Not Always As It Seems

So Thankful for this Past Week

Two Years of Blogging

Tiny Kitchen Addition from a Dear Friend

To My Younger Self

Hope for the Weary Mom - Now Available!!!

Stitch Fix Shipment 4

He Knows the Way to My Heart

Hope for the Wear Mom

Let's Keep Things Real

Teacher Gift Idea

Stitch Fix - Shipment 2

Man in the Bookstore

Hold On Momma, Don't Become Marsha Brady

The Mom Suite!

Charm Necklace

Being Intentional

This is the Best I Can Do At the Moment

Case of Lazy

One Year of Blogging!!!

Frantically Trying to Go with the Flow

Trying On Positive for a Change

He Picked Me / It Takes a Village

The Speed Date

Stitch Fix - Arrival!!!

All I Want for Mother's Day

Things That Make Me Happy

A Little Thanksgiving Moment and Stove Top Potpourri

Sticker Shock and Buyer's Remorse

It's My Choice

More Than Just a Card

Phillippians 4: 6-9, Such a Great Reminder

Recent Reads

Birthday Dilemma

Just a Little Wisdom from Grandma

God Knows Best

My Fabulous, Fantastic, Forever Five

30 Days until Vacation...Swimsuit...YUCK!

Me Time

To Yoga Pant or Not to Yoga Pant...?

New Hand Soap

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