Best Stone for Around Above Ground Pool

Best Stone for Around Above Ground Pool

You can easily place different types of stones or rocks around your above ground swimming pool.

That all depends on what you like, but here is a guide of what you should try to put.

Best Stone for Around Above Ground Pool

Measurements of Stones

Here are some suggestions of the stones you should consider adding.

  • ¾ inches clean (gravel) for drainage
  • 3/8 inches grey pea gravel – under the swing 
  • 3/8 inches yellow pea gravel – around trees
  • Eastern sunrise/ volcanic rock  
  • Two inches river rock (egg rock) – around the pool.

Pea gravel can easily fit any area since it is too small. Place then under the swing set to prevent them from being knocked over. These rocks can provide a cushioned area for play structures and around swings near your pool.

Volcanic rock is quite attractive. However, it can hurt if you try to walk on it, and it keeps the dogs away from the pool. It is a sharp stone.

River rocks work well for around your swimming pool. These stones are large and remain in place. Also, they make it easier to weed the surface.

The clean stone comes in handy to allow for easier drainage to prevent flooding.

Above Ground Stone Tips

Best Stone for Around Above Ground Pool1

Here are a few tips that can help you get the best stone for placing around your swimming pool.

  • Buy the stones in bulky since they are cheaper. 
  • Get decorative rocks to add beauty to your pool.
  • Choose non-slip stones to prevent an accident.
  • Try to make them to suit different needs

Also, try to avoid adding limestone as it can easily corrode the metals around your pool. 


The best stone for around the above ground pool can make your facility to be more attractive and even prevent accidents. You can hire a professional to help you place the right rocks.