DIY Walk-in Steps for Above Ground Pool

Construction Guide: DIY Walk-in Steps for Above Ground Pool

Designing and creating steps for an above ground pool can be challenging than those of inground facilities. When you buy an above ground swimming pool, you receive a bare-bones kit.

You need to but and set up the filters, pump, and the steps separately, adding to the complication of installation. However, there is an easier alternative to building your steps.

That is why we have looked at how to build pool steps for the above ground pool in this article. 

 DIY Walk-in Steps for Above Ground Pool

Things to Consider

You should consider the following things before you begin to build the steps for you above the ground pool.

  • Pool material – The material used to make your pool will determine the material you will use to make the steps. A vinyl pool will require different materials than a plastic or metal one.
  • The shape of your pool – A square pool cannot work with a step that is meant for a circular one. You need to design your above ground pool steps around your pool.
  • One step or two – You should also decide if the steps will come as one or two steps.
  • Ladder material – You can use plastic, metal, wood, or any other material when making your steps.
  • Orientation – You can decide to make a ladder, stairs, or a combination.

What You Will Need

 DIY Walk-in Steps for Above Ground Pool1

Here are the materials that you will need when creating your above ground pool steps.

  • 3M anti-slip tape
  • Two 4-step deck stringers
  • 1½-inch deck screws 
  • 3½-inch construction screws 
  • Arborcoat premium exterior stain  
  • Wood 
    • Three – 2x10x10
    • Seven -1x4x8
    • Nine – fence boards (1x6x8)
    • Six – 2x4x8

Here is the cut list:

  • 2×4’s 
    • Two – 18-inch long
    • Two – 49-inch long
    • Two – 56-inch long
    • Four – 40-inch long 
    • Two – 53-inch long 
  • 1×4’s 
    • Thirteen – 47-inch long 
  • 2×10’s
    • Six – 48½-inch long 

Note: You can choose to use your own measurements to suit your needs and prevent waste.

Step-by-Step Process

Everything is set. Now you can follow the following steps to create your above ground pool steps:

  1. Build the base frame. It should have a tall back. The upper back area will remain open to enable you to fit your above ground pool ladder inside the steps.
  2. Attach the step stringers to the base. Attach 3½-inch wood screws from the back and up to have a solid structure.    
  3. Attach the risers. Use 1×4 boards.
  4. Use 5½-inch (1×6”) fence boards on the sides. You might need a jigsaw to cut the overlapping section.  Fit on both sides.
  5. Now you can install the steps. We have the 2×10 boards for this purpose. The base step should come with a small overhang.

Now you have steps that you can use for your above ground pool. They can make it safe to enter and exit your pool.


It is straightforward to construct your steps for your above ground pool. We have given you all the materials that you would need and the steps you would follow. Ensure that you prevent wasting these materials.